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WantMatures Review

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Review of WantMatures as a large platform provides exciting communication. And it also organizes your meeting with a partner as well.

Together, Networks Holdings Limited can manage several flirting sites. There are a few ones – QuickFlirt and Loveaholics. In fact, it also offers something for single and seeking life mates.

Most users of this mature WantMatures dating site reviews are men aged 40. What about women, they are from 30 to 50 years old. It is WantMatures safe to say that in WantMatures.com, review mature men and women make up most of the demographic.

What is WantMatures.com is a platform that brings together mature men and lonely women. The thing is that they are all looking for one and only true love.

WantMatures Review

Pros And Cons


  • Preliminary Inspection;
  • Opportunity to think;
  • Polygamy dialogues;
  • Self-Assessment.


  • finding a partner can be tedious;
  • you must not forget that this is a remote communication and the interlocutor may not be sincere with you;
  • fake accounts on dating sites.

WantMatures.com at a Glance

  • Suitable for: the platform provides single people with opportunities to find a partner. Whether for a short flirt or for a strong, serious relationship – it’s’s up to your taste
  • A number of users: several million
  • In general, the platform is more focused on the adult generation. So we cannot ignore the fact that the average age of users is still 30-50 years.
  • Favorite features: visit report, SMS notification, dating reports.

About WantMatures

On an appointment site, you have unlimited possibilities. The best one is of communication with several applicants at once. It goes without fear that you will learn about each other. Simultaneous communication allows you to save time and choose the best candidate for several options.

How Does WantMatures Work?

On the main page, the search system has already selected you, candidates. There is a range of candidates for communication and not only. As you can see right away, is WantMatures good does everything possible to ensure that you find the person you are looking for.

Registration at WantMatures

  • 18 years old to sign up.
  • 5 minutes sign up process.
  • Sexual preference, age, email address, and location that asked upon the registration.
  • You need to verify your Email
  • Facebook registration is not offered

Registering for WantMatures is very easy. Pass through the fact that there is no connection through a social network. Indeed, the registration is pretty quick.

To get started, on the WantMatures homepage, you will fill out a registration form. To select your gender, click the icon of a man or woman. Also, on the site, you will need to state your date of birth, email address, and the corresponding password.

Further, if you complete all the forms and its correct, you can continue. The “Start Now” icon will display, and you will redirect to the confirmation page.

On this page, WantMatures will send you an activation code to your email address.

Then you should confirm your registration. Copy the code, paste it, and click “OK.” In some cases, the letter may get into the “Spam” mail. Nothing wrong with that. You do the same manipulations mentioned above. Do not forget to mark the letter as non-spam. So that in the future, do not miss important information from WantMatures.

Have you passed all the steps? If yes, so I can congratulate you, welcome to our Want Matures family. Write your profile with many interesting things and start getting to know and chat.

Search & Profile Quality

To search for a profile, just click on the search icon. There is also a filter that will help you in finding an interlocutor. Many users register on dating sites not to create a family or to find a partner, but to raise their own self-esteem. Agree, it’s nice to realize that you are popular. It happens when your page views are growing, and the mailbox is bursting with offers to chat.


The protection of personal data requires the need to disable your account so that you can activate the full safe mode. Safe mode protects you from fraudsters but is aware of the fake accounts anyway.

Help & Support

If you have any questions, the support line will help you. They respond very quickly to customer requests—all contacts for communication on the site.

Prices & Plans

For female users, the website offers a couple of subscription packages. It depends on their greatest priority:

  • Catholic: Top search rankings and be visible from the crowd with this pack.
  • Premium date: enjoy the benefits of Catholic and Extra Security in this all-in-one package.

Male, monthly packages for 1, 3, and 6 months are available. These deals allow them to freely access the website’s messaging features and top search rankings. To ensure this, the truth about WantMatures offers an affordable three-day trial.

If you want to check your recent payment history, you should return to the main page. Then you should enter the settings. Here you will find the “Payment History” section and click “Unsubscribe.”

Final Verdict

Online dating provides an excellent opportunity to find the perfect partner. The candidates` searching algorithms and filters take into account all your wishes. You are just a few clicks away from your chosen one.

Also, it happens that a person finds it difficult to find a partner in his city. Or it seems to him that he cannot find a common language with people in his country as a whole. For this, you can try your luck in other cities and countries. But to do this, you have to spend money on trips. No one guarantees that among thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people, it will be easy to find your soul mate. There are a lot of people on the sites. But they all strive to find love, and their values, tastes, and location are clearly indicated.

Acquaintance through social networks and sites is a great option. First of all, for those who are not very sociable. Or this person hesitates to appear at noisy parties and in companies. They experience self-doubt and are often away from the main fun. In the online space, you can relax and not enter into “live” communication until there is sincere mutual interest.


In what way should I sign up for Want Matures without any payment?

Yes, registering and setting up a profile on WantMatures is absolutely free.

I want to send WantMatures` posts for free. Is it possible?

Of course, yes. But keep in mind that members who contribute to the website are able to get full access to the WantMatures chat features.

Why was my payment in WantMatures declined?

Your account may not have enough financial resources. Thus, your payment has declined. Thus If you feel that something is wrong, contact WantMatures representative. The supporter will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

I want to cancel my payment operation in WantMatures. Is it possible?

For denying the re-invoicing feature, you should do the same things as when you end, and you’re got a subscription.

First, you ought to WantMatures log in to your account and go to the setting section. From there, then press on “Unsubscribe.”

Does the money back work at WantMatures?

Yes, you can in an easy way to get your money back on WantMatures.com.  If you think you entitle to it. To do this, you should ask for the support staff. Don't forget to explain to them what has happened.

1) your name;

2) date/sum of the payment operation;

3) the combination of digits of the card that makes the payment charge;

4) the head title of the site;

5) registered email address;

6) the possibility for your return request

I want to uninstall my WantMatures profile. What I ought to do?

If you make sure that your account is useless, you should go to a setting page and press “Delete Account”. And then follow the instructions, which describe in detail the next steps.

My WantMatures password is too easy. In what way can I exchange it on the harder one?

You need to go to “My Settings” and press on the password changing bottom. You should write two variants - your old password and then the new one. Then just save it.

How should I give up my Want Matures notifications?

You just should be going to your profile settings and fix your “Notifications” page to refuse notifications.

Why do I get a request for reaffirming my WantMatures account?

There are some occasions when a participant notes your profile as suspicious. At this point, if you want to get rid of suspension, promptly check your account.

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