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In a Nutshell

Surely, using some online publications and resources, you may have repeatedly seen a banner ad Ashley Madison. Now you have a unique opportunity to learn everything and even more about this resource. So, the first and most important is the best dating site for those who are not free but want to sharpen their feelings. A multimillion audience all over the world and more than 3 million monthly attendances – are the numbers that indicate the great popularity of this resource around the world.

Pros and Cons


  • high level of confidentiality and reliability;
  • the site is free for girls;
  • all kinds of relationships between people are welcome;
  • an account will specify your current location and offers you options for women who are nearby.


  • registration is required for all participants;
  • the signup process is quite long (up to 25 minutes) without the possibility of skipping steps;
  • hide the face in the photo using any filter is ineffective, it is still easy to recognize a person;
  • gender inequality in paying for dating site services.

Ashleymadison.com at a Glance

Best for: everyone who wants an extramarital affair or a one night stand.

Recommended age: 18-60.

Favorite features: Discreet pictures (you can edit or blur the photo), List of favorites, Priority person, Travelling Man.


What Is Ashley Madison?

To start the Ashleymadison review, it is needed to remind everyone that this dating site is already almost 20 years old. And already at that time, the resource helped communicate and meet everyone tired of the current relationship but considers it unnecessary to change anything in them. Also, this service was then used by everyone who wanted to find a companion for one night.

The modern look of Ashleymadison.com (review will show this) is already completely different but as before, it continues to perform the same functions and help lonely people find each other and meet in real life. If someone near you is bored and is also looking for a partner, Ashley Madison already knows about it!

2015 was a turning point in the service. He was subjected to a serious hacker attack, after which all of his data servers were hacked, and its data was made public. This gave a serious impetus to strengthening the protection of the site by all available means. Now it is completely safe and is very popular among residents of the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Great Britain.

How does Ashleymadison Work?

Ashley Madison is a dating site, which is very different from all similar resources. Several mandatory procedures should not be missed. This signup, and filling out a detailed questionnaire, and many other functions. The balance replenishment is also different because brides can use the resource free, while for men almost all services are paid. After registering and replenishing your account, a dating site is completely at your disposal. You can begin the search for a partner near you right now!

Such features are well-founded. A huge number of permanent and new members practically guarantees you a constant wide assortment of women and men who are ready to chat and meet in your city at a time convenient for you. Numerous Ashleymadison.com reviews are vivid confirmation of this. After reading them in a special tab on the site, you should not doubt about the quality and usefulness of such a resource.


Sign Up

As already mentioned, Ashley Madison log in is a mandatory process. Unfortunately, it is not as short as in other similar dating sites. All of this works similarly due to enhanced security measures and to ensure clients from dishonest people.

On the main page, you will find a short form to fill out. After receiving an account on the site, you will need to fill out a form indicating all the information that it will require. This includes general information about you, and even personal information – the status of your current relationship and the expected search criteria here. By the way, you can select many items from the drop-down list, so as not to enter everything manually. This greatly speeds up the process. However, you are not required to provide your real name. The main thing is that it is unique among users.

To validate your account, you will need to add a photo. If you wish, you can try to hide it using special masks and filters but this is not always possible. Therefore, you can choose the photo where you are in the circle of other people. So initially it will not be clear who exactly the owner of this profile.


Search & Profile Quality

Perhaps after reading many Ashley madison dating site reviews, you might think that this resource gives a detailed picture of each person. But this is not so. The nature of the site is such that they do not look for themselves as a wife or do not try to meet love. The calculation is only for a quick acquaintance and a pleasant pastime for one night or the establishment of close but confidential relationships.

However, each new member is subject to mandatory verification by the security service. Without this procedure, the final registration and the appearance of other people in the search queries are impossible.

A partner search is carried out in several ways. You can visually view the profiles of women or men and, if you wish, write or call any user. If you set the partner’s preferred criteria, the site will offer you the most successful profiles for you.


The modern Ashleymadison dating site security system is, of course, imperfect. But it is very close to perfection, thanks to the innovations that happened to it after 2015. Now there is a mandatory verification of profiles, and registration on the site has become mandatory.

Of course, completely getting rid of scammers is not easy. Therefore, to ensure personal safety is still worth it. Do not disclose your passwords or data from a credit card. Any attempts by users to receive money from you must be thwarted by you.

Nevertheless, the site continues to update not only equipment but also software. So, modern encryption systems and all kinds of protocols and security certificates have been used for a long time.


Help & Support

What is Ashleymadison.com also famous for? Although the average age of resource visitors is about 35 years old, technical support and advisory assistance are still needed. There are failures in any system, and this is no exception. And only a trained expert can solve any technical or situational problems.

These are the main “backbone” of local technical support. They work around the clock and can solve any difficulty in using a dating site. You can call or write to e-mail – all contacts are listed on the site. You can also request a call back so that specialists contact you at a convenient time.

Prices & Plans

An important point of any review of Ashley Madison is its financial politics. As already mentioned only men should pay for services. To do this, you need to buy credit packages in the amount of 100, 500 or 1000 pieces. The more credits in the package, the more profitable the price for 1 credit is. In a package for 100 credits, the price for one is 0.5 pounds, while in a package for 1000 credits the price of one is already 0.23 cents.


Regardless of age, social or marital status, you can always find your love or at least plans for the evening.


Is Ashley Madison legit?

Ashley Madison is completely legit. If you do not care about the moral side of the issue, then you can safely and constantly use the resource. A dating site is not prosecuted by the authorities and has a fully legal status.

Is Ashley Madison safe?

Yes, it is. This resource can be safely called completely safe to use. The latest technological solutions have been introduced here, not only to verify profiles but also to protect your account and servers from hacker attacks or viruses.

Is Ashleymadison good for finding hookup relations?

This is one of the best dating sites to find a one-night stand or to start an extramarital affair. If you take into account the existing number of users, as well as the thousands of people who join here every month, you will realize that this is no accident. Here all conditions are created for a quick and high-quality acquaintance in your area with complete confidentiality of data and your person.

How does Ashley Madison work?

This resource is very similar to other dating sites. You should go through the mandatory registration procedure. Further, men replenish the account, and communication can begin. Finding a suitable partner here will not take much time. Also, you can meet more than one person with whom you will have a fun and pleasant night.

Why does the site encourage such a relationship? After all, it destroys many families!

The truth about Ashley madison is that it is not customary to condemn anyone here for extramarital affairs. If a person is uncomfortable or bored in existing relationships, why should the site prohibit him from looking for his happiness and love? Often, family problems are easily solved by simple conversation but a man or woman is not always ready for them.

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