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Living in a digital world, one can find any information he or she needs or seeks using the Internet. Like with any changes, the world itself and people overcome alteration in every sphere of life. Here we can help you in the searching of fetish hookup websites. We highlighted a top selection of the greatest fetish sites according to our preferences and experience.

General Notion of Fetish and Fetish Dating

Imagination has no limits. Dating and communication are the major tools of people’s existence, and tastes differ. Whatever your preferences and passion are, you will discover the others with whom you reveal in it on the sites below.

People can be merciless and don’t understand someone’s passion for high heels, addiction to toes, fingers, spanking, bondage, knouts, and more. Sometimes a married person may be ashamed of her or his sexual taste, afraid of spouse’s reaction, and be unhappy with the sex life. But online fetish hookup websites are an option to be yourself and find the needed person. Sharing and adoring a fetish with the right partner can bring a positive result on the romance and sexual life in a relationship.

Moreover, if you are a couple and want to try something spicy and interesting, are ready for new experiments and feelings; or you are a married couple and looking to diversify your sexual life, you are all welcome to try. Without trying, you won’t know for sure if you like it or not. Just pick any fetish sites, and you will see. Life is worth living and trying new things.


Fetish as a Kind of Art and Its Origin

The word “fetish” comes from Latin “facticius” meaning “made by art”. Having good, strong, even little spicy relations mostly means to match in hobbies and interests. Additionally, the definition in the dictionary shows meaning as “fixation” and “obsessive devotion”, depicting obsession towards object, an action or body part to gain erotic satisfaction.

To one who has a fetish, it’s so much more than just an obsession; we will dare to say it is the art. No matter if it’s an addiction for feet or bondage, you can spot any of fetish sites to satisfy your personal desire. The following sites are our favorites not only of the reason they are popular but also they are chargeless to test. Moreover, the sites are aimed to help singles to connect, finding friends, and like-minded people. Furthermore, websites are trying to protect their users and fight with scam.

Be Yourself on Fetish Hookup Websites

You know what you are looking for, and you don’t need to be uncomfortable. You are in the right place and just be yourself without any fear or judgment. Everyone comes here with the same purpose; everything is clear, straightforward, and for your satisfaction. Everybody is looking and expecting to get a soulmate and have a good time.

One of the Best Adult Matching Sites

Whether you are seeking a playmate, one time hookups or aiming to get a mate, or just chat, there are a huge amount of fetish sites for your taste.


1. Adult Friend Finder

This website welcomes fetish playmates as a threesome, swinging couples, hookups, and others. It is free to join, add data, browse by sex, age, area, and passion. This webpage is not only for making friends, only for short-term hookups and affairs.

2. BeNaughty

It is one of the premier fetish hookup websites where you are comfortable indicating your desire. As might be expected, it is free to join, browse, and flirt. This source tries to fight with scamming and protect users.

3. Perversions

Perversion.com is one of the secret treasure by all of the fetish sites. Easy design with simple browsing and reviewing. It is popular because it hunts for promising matches, which leads to the site’s high matchmaking rate. Following is free of charge, unless you are eager to watch updated content first and join members, you will need to promote your user’s activity to a Silver or Gold access.


This specific fetish dating hookup website deals with finding mistresses or masters of BDSM and seductive bondage with possible partners. Users can hook up with other members in chat rooms or webcam sessions. To sign up is free, although you may customize your membership to the higher plan. Besides getting the content first limitless, you will get 24/7 phone support.

5. FetishDateLink

Another type of fetish sites that may draw your attention is FetishDateLink. Browsing this webpage, you see the members’ bio, data, and photos. It is simple in use, and as an option, you can browse using your own keywords and preferences. Your taste is in the first place.


They may say spanking is the new level of BDSM. The main idea of this fetish hookup is finding the persons who are really into it, without any pretense, people who desire to bring spanking to their sexual life. If you are one of them, so, just sign up for free and choose.

7. CougarLife.com

It was created to help a younger man to find an older woman or an older woman to find a younger man. This fetish hookup also helps to fulfill your passion.

Submissive and Dominant as a One of the Best Fetish Hookup

Subs and masters are the common and most popular erotic role play in the world. This is one of the streams of BDSM. It is not just the game that is the whole passionate life and culture. You can reveal all your secret desires and/or find out your own hidden talents and emotions. We may absolutely say it is the new whole world that reveals by clicking on fetish dating and sign up.

8. SubsAndMasters.com

One of the major and best community is subsandmasters.com. This fetish hookup always updates and enriches with ideas of fetish pictures and videos. Subsandmasters.com gives its users access to use blogs, chat, and email each other. The using is free, but it is possible to upgrade to Silver or Gold Plan for a wider variation and be the first who observes the content.

9. AltDatingClub.com

Navigation of this site is also easy and simple. Put your preferences and your searching options, and you are in reviewing the content. Signing up is free. You will have the possibility to watch a video of a life cam but only one at a time. If you want to watch the full-length videos, write and reply to the messages, you will need to subscribe to the member’s package.


Best Foot Fetish Sites

When newcomers hear of fetish, they may think of foot fetishes, which seems to be the one most common stereotype. When you come under this category, go to these best fetish dating sites below.

10. The Feet Hunter

The foot fetish dating site gives you the opportunity to review videos and fetish chat, and a large amount of women’s and men’s accounts and portfolios. On the main page of the website, you will notice a motto, “Just feet. No bullshit”, and it’s totally correct. The user will get complimentary signup with creating a profile, uploading pictures, and numerous tools for staying connected. In addition, it presents the experts’ tips and introduction of “First Foot Fetish Experience”.


This foot fetish dating site gives you more opportunity to find like-minded people who are into providing and/or taking massage of feet, kisses, and other forms of this art. You are free to create a profile, upload pictures, and videos, look for matches, send and get messages with each other.

Moreover, the creators of this website took care of the mobile version. Having this foot fetish app, you are mobile and not tied to the place or location. Moreover, you can find nearby services. You can click on option “foot fetish near me”, and you will get a list of nearby suggestions even with a rate. All you need is just picking one and enjoy the time.

12. HeelsDating.com

The name of this fetish site speaks for itself. If you like heel, stockings, or foot fetish, the heelsdating.com is just for you. It has the option of being anonymous or reveal just the information that you want. Additionally, you have a choice to show videos or photos to selected users or to the public. You are the captain.

Femdom Fetish Sites

One may ask: “What is femdom”? It is simple “female domination”. As you are reading this, you know exactly what you are looking for. If your passion is taking control or if you like to give control these below-mentioned websites are for you. So, below you can get acquainted with our suggestion of the sites for this category.

13. Bondage Pal

This is one of the fetish sites that try to fight with scamming. Its profiles are clear and understandable, it is easy to use and review, and totally free. All you need is your imagination and the internet.

14. Find a Femdom

This fetish hookup allows you to sort your preferences to make your favorites and likes. Many users found exactly what they want and moreover; they were totally satisfied. It all can be seen at suggested profiles. We can say it is one of the most effective sites for finding femdom.


Fetish Dating Chats

15. LesbianPersonals

Its number of members are getting more and more. LesbianPersonals is very popular among lesbians singles. Here they can communicate via chat box, messaging and have access to live cam too. This fetish chat is free of charge.

16. MenNation

This one of the biggest bi and gay dating and fetish hookups. Every member is willing to meet someone’s interest. It may be you.

17. Gay Fetish Personals

This fetish site attempts to make all your dreams come true. But note, Gay Fetish Personals is a hardcore among the fetish sites, it’s not for the beginners.

BDSM Chatters

Having these below kinds of chatters, you will have an option to choose the chat room, the stream, and the preferences at any time and location.

18. FetLife

It is the whole social network for BDSM with profiles and all network tools. Don’t be shy; just browse, review, connect, and pick what you need and feel. This one of the few fetish sites that offer the possibility to use blogs and forums of this public. Almost all the content is mobile and free, except videos. For this content, you will be required to promote your membership.

19. Fetster.com

This one of the major fetish sites that by indicating all the options, you will do the perfect search with a brilliant match. Additionally, it gives you information about events nearby and even an educational section with a forum. Fetster.com is simple and free to use.

20. Fat Fantasy Girl as One of Fetish Dating Site

Fat Fantasy Girl site represents big and attractive women, and it is the popular fetish. From the supersized to a slightly busted, women from the site’s profile definitely find the admirers. It is needed only to provide your general information like email, area, and create a password, and you are ready to use it for free.

The Main Advantages of Fetish Sites

In today’s world, with easy access to the information one can be himself. No fear, not any judgment, and the most important people with look-alike interests and passion. We maintain in a world of opportunities; just don’t afraid and grab it.

Summarizing we can specify the main advantages of fetish sites:

  • A large number of like-minded people;
  • Feeling yourself in a suitable place with the right person;
  • A wide range of activities and opportunities;
  • Without charge access to information and signup;
  • Mobile applications and chatters;
  • For any tastes and desire;
  • For singles or couples.

To Sum Up

Here above, we aimed to provide the variety of one of the best fetish hookup websites and its types. Everyone can choose whatever he or she is interested in, whether it is a mobile version of a foot fetish app or a website with subs and masters. All of it combines the common interest and desire, connection and communication, and of course, the internet. So, stay connected and be happy and satisfied.

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