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In a Nutshell

Perhaps you have long wanted to start using some dating sites. But because of their great variety, you can not decide what to choose for a long time. For the easiest and comfortable dating of people from different social backgrounds and countries, the Fling dating site has existed for a long time. Its many years of experience and an extensive user base (more than 50 million worldwide) gives hope and a positive attitude to each new visitor, which is becoming more every month.



  • a huge user base around the world;
  • a wide variety of sexual preferences, age, and ethnic groups;
  • various options for finding a partner;
  • reasonable prices for package offers.


  • most of the participants are men;
  • all the main functions on the site are paid;
  • to communicate with the brides sign up is required;
  • search’ results may be repeated.

Fling.com at a Glance

Best for: everyone who is opened to the new sexual experience or casual contacts.

Recommended age: 18-60

Favorite features: video chat, web-modeling, sex shop, “Who’s Cute” game.


About Fling

Let’s try to understand and learn the truth about Fling. Of course, at first sight, this is an ordinary dating site but this is not so. The main goal of the platform is to connect everyone in the world who would like to try someone new as a sexual partner. Also here you can expand your sexual experience with other people using special toys and web-cameras. It does not matter if you are already married or not and if you are a hetero- or homosexual person. The only main thing is your desire and readiness to start right now!

The site was created over 15 years ago and now has more than 50 million people around the world. The most actively it is used in the United States, Russia, and Canada. Thanks to such a wide audience, there are about 2 million visits every month, which makes this dating site an ideal place to find the perfect virtual sexual partner that can become real.

How Does Fling.com Works?

The first thing that is wanted to note in this Fling.com review is the need to sign up on the site. This allows you to use all sorts of options to find partners for yourself. To find a worthy candidate, you need to determine its main criteria. So, you can search among those who are currently online or select the most popular users. If necessary, you can choose several personal criteria, such as gender, country, and sexual preference.

Under each photo, you will find buttons for quick typing of a text message, call, and invitation to a web date or send a personal video message. For all these services, you need to have enough credits in your account. Following the price list of the platform, the price for each service is different.


Sign Up for Fling

So, Fling logs in is a mandatory procedure for any use of the site. It takes only a few minutes. After receiving the account, you can fill it with information, upload photos and videos. Only after registration, you will be able to fully:

  • view profiles of participants from different countries;
  • seek out potential sexual partners;
  • send text and video messages
  • chat using a webcam.

Sign up is a completely free procedure, therefore, to evaluate all the advantages of the site, just go to it and look around. Most likely, you will not be able to leave!

Search & Profile Quality

Fling review is a good way to learn more about its profiles. This dating site assumes the same account design, as in many social networks. That is, there are several photos and a text block of information that you can fill out so that others can recognize you better.

The peculiarity of each account is that it is allowed to publish intimate photos, except when the genitals take up too much space in the photo. You cannot view pictures for free, so you should take care to replenish your account in advance. Profile avatars are visible to absolutely all participants for free.

To facilitate the task for yourself and potential partners (women or men), indicate the circle of your possible sexual interests and experiences that you are ready to conduct in this area. So you can avoid unnecessary contacts.


Safety on Fling

Most Fling.com reviews report increased security on the dating site. This is achieved difficultly. Firstly, the equipment of all servers has recently been completely updated. It allowed strengthening not only the database but also software that prevents the likelihood of hacker and virus attacks.

Next is profile validation. The most dubious profiles, or those where the photos are most candid, are subject to additional verification. The owners of these profiles have to answer several questions of the security service, and in the most difficult situations – even to confirm their identity with the help of documents. When registering, you need to confirm the relevance of your avatar using a webcam. If the photos are similar, you are a client!

It is also possible to identify potentially unsafe users and notify the dating site administration promptly.


Help & Support

Review of Fling cannot be complete and comprehensive without this important point! It is a customer focus that makes him a favorite for people around the world for more than 15 years. Despite the well-functioning work of the resource, there are situations when technical assistance is indispensable. For example, this:

  • inability to use services even after replenishment of the balance;
  • poor signal transmission, which makes video chat difficult or impossible;
  • display only part of the photo profiles or the inability to re-downloading;
  • assistance with replenishing the balance or using certain functions.

Of course, not everything depends on this service. There may be interruptions in banking operations, the Internet or server load. But in any case, you will receive detailed advice and an action plan.

Prices & Plans

To the question “How does Fling work?” the answer can be only one “On paid terms”. And this is not unusual. Firstly, many pleasures are paid. Secondly, dating site gathers residents of different countries, providing them with tools for communication. It is not possible to arrange this for free. Thirdly, the site is insured against minors who are not able to regularly pay for the services of the resource.

You can pay using PayPal or your credit card. Website prices are considered average among similar resources. You can buy a membership for 2 days – $0.95, for 7 days – $9.95, for 1 month – $34.95, 6 months – $69.95, 12 months – $118.80.

Of course, there are some free services. This, for example, sign up and account’s filling. You can also see who liked and who viewed your profile.


Diversifying your personal and sexual life is very simple. Simply grab your phone or laptop and sign up for Fling. Everything else has been done already!


Is Fling.com good for looking for a life partner?

Firstly and mainly, this dating site is oriented to connect people all over the world with their different and special sexual preferences. There are many instruments here for making all contacts pleasant and excited. Of course, after so close contact you and your partner could find love and create a good family.

Is Fling safe for sending money to each other?

The matter is that Fling is not an application for sending money to each other. Of course, there is a special opportunity here to replenish the balance but it is working only between participant and website. If you want to send money to each other just use special platforms.

Is Fling legit?

This is a legit website. It pays all necessary taxes. It also could show all your money movements. All prices are opened and do not contain any secret tricks. If you decide to meet someone special and to try something new in your sexual experience, then Fling is the best and completely legit way for you!

What is Fling?

This is a dating site for those who are free to new sexual experiments. If you are ready to try something new and do not pretend for serious relationships with women than this is for you! Only here you could be as relaxed as you have never been before and meet very nice people. Just try and you will never stop doing this!

Are Fling dating site’s reviews truthful?

Of course, yes. And this is what the dating site is proud of. Reviews themselves are the main achievement and show what the site is. As you can see there are not only positive ones but negative also. This means that the website has enough directions for growth. Use the platform and leave your own experience for future or current users.

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