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What could be better than a cozy evening with a cup of coffee and a laptop on the dating site Loveaholics.com review? Moreover, you have the opportunity to meet hundreds of potential partners. Today, there are more than 1,9 million registered users worldwide. I agree that in the real-life for such some of the meetings, you would have to spend a lot of time. Besides, it is not usually enough for everyone.

A review of Loveaholics is a large platform that provides exciting communication and meeting with a partner. For example, a girl no longer needs to wait until someone shows interest in her and is suitable in real life.

A little information. Framework Networks Holdings Limited become famous for its dating sites. It creates and modernizes a new one for casual online dating. Rolling down, you can see useful detailed information about the truth about the Loveaholics platform.

Loveaholics Review

Pros and Cons


  • On Loveaholics, you can meet a range of people. Indeed, they’ve never met you in real life due to different locations, lifestyles, social statuses;
  • the ability to correspond with several candidates at once saves time;
  • you do not need any knowledge and financial investments to start communicating;
  • the world of online dating is available 24 hours a day.

And of course, there are a few minutes that are likely to spend your time and no more.


  • finding a partner in a larger social network usually takes a long time;
  • the main thing is not to turn into a person who will constantly search for a partner and ultimately will not find anyone;
  • You can meet fake accounts.

Loveaholics.com at a Glance

  • A great site that provides single people with a great chance to find a partner. You have a great choice for flirting or for serious relationships.
  • Number of users: millions.
  • Recommended age: 20-45 years, but maybe older.
  • Useful functions: search filter, visit report, SMS notification.

What is Loveaholics.com?

The great advantage of the platform is that dating has become more accessible. Now you do not need to meet and run in real life. You can find a suitable partner and start chatting. This is a huge advantage for citizens who, as a rule, do not have enough time to get to know each other.

How does Loveaholics Work?

Immersed in a world of dating, where each user of the site is open for communication, flirting, and serious relationships. The site’s menu for management is so simple that you can easily use it right away.

First of all, you should fill out a little information about yourself and state the photo. Then you can immediately begin to search for your interlocutor.

The system of the site is so simple that you can describe it with one sentence: “Do you want to find an interlocutor, a soulmate? Then you go in the search and look!”

Registration at Loveaholics.com

  • It confirms the registration if you are over 18 years’ old
  • 2-4 minutes signup process
  • A couple of seconds of registration, they ask age, email, and location.
  • It requires email verification.

Registering for Loveaholics is very easy. Despite the fact that there is no connection through a social network.

To get started, on the Loveaholics homepage, you fill out the registration form. To select your gender, click the man or woman icon. Also, on the site, you will need to state your date of birth, email address, and the corresponding password.

As well, if all the forms are completed correctly, the “Start Now” icon will appear. This way, you will redirect to the confirmation page.

On this page, Loveaholics will send you an activation code to your email address.

This will need your confirmation! How? Just copy the code, paste it, and click OK. It looks like this.

In some cases, the letter sends to Spam. There is nothing wrong. You do the same manipulations mentioned above. Do not forget to mark the letter as non-spam. So that in the future, do not miss important information from Loveaholics.

Done, I can congratulate you. You have become a user of Loveaholics. Quickly fill out your profile and start getting to know and chat.

If for any reason, you want to change your settings in your profile, you will have to delete your profile. Only then will you redirect to a more inclusive landing page. For some reason, it is available in other parts of the world. On the new page, click the drop-down menu and specify your preferences.

Besides, registration will take very little of your precious time. And after that, click on Loveaholics log in.

Loveaholics Review

Search & Profile Quality

To start looking for a partner, you just need to click on the search button. There is also a filter to help you find a partner. Many users register on dating sites not in order to start a family or find a partner, but in order to increase their self-esteem or diversify their family or lonely life.

You can also become popular in the network. This happens when your page views increase.


The security of personal data is necessary so that the confidentiality of your data remains untouchable. To protect your personal data as much as possible, for this you need to disable your account.

Help & Support

Customer support will answer any questions you may have. Write or call, and I work 24/7, contacts are on the site.

Prices & Plans

So do you want to become a full member in order to get full access to the site? Then please read the services that will give you the opportunity to get to know each other more.

  •  Unlimited chats.
  • Big photos.
  • ‘Looking for’ info.
  • Extended search.
  • Premium support.
  • Share photos and videos in chat.

Return to the “upgrade now” section, which locates on the main page at the top right. Here you can familiarize yourself with this service in more detail.

Final Verdict

The acquaintance on the Internet is a great chance for busy and modest people. The thing is that it’s much easier to start communication on the network than to do it live.

A dating site is a very honest way to get to know each other. People come to online platforms to search for love and relationships. Sometimes they come to the bar or to the dance floor for the same thing. But with the appearance of the people’s goal is not to get to know others, not to flirt, but to drink or dance. How can lonely men and women know that you came just in search of a partner, and not try red wine or listen to music? On Loveaholics dating site reviews, such confusion will never arise. They come there with a formed desire and an understandable goal.

Also, sometimes a person finds it difficult to find a partner in his city. Often it seems to him that he cannot find a common language with people in his country as a whole. You can try your luck in other cities and countries. But to do this, you have to spend money on trips. No one knows that among thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people, you find your soulmate. There are also these thousands and hundreds of thousands on the sites. But they all strive to find love, and their values, tastes, and location are clearly indicated.

Finally, you pass a minute of free registration on the dating site Loveaholics.com reviews. So you get access to a range of advanced opportunities for finding a partner. Take advantage and good luck in love!


Is Loveaholics legit?

Yes, WantMatures is a legit site that works in many countries around the world.

Who owns Loveaholics?

Together Networks Holding Ltd. Are owners of Loveaholics, located in the British Virgin Islands.

Is Loveaholics good free to use?

You can register and set up your Loveaholics profile. Enjoy basic interactions with other participants (view profile, wink, add to favorites). But, even so, some functions will not be available for free use.

How to cancel re-billing in Loveaholics?

To cancel the re-payment, go to “My Settings” and click on the link “Deactivate Subscription”.

Why was my payment at Loveaholics declined?

To do this, contact customer support, and they will tell you in more detail what is the reason and will help solve the problem.

How can I verify my Loveaholics account?

You will need to call Loveaholics to verify your account.

How to change the password for Loveaholics?

You need to go to the “My Settings” section and find the “Change Password” link.

How to delete your account in Loveaholics?

You need to go to “My Settings”. Select “Delete Account” and follow the instructions below.

Why did Loveaholics reject my photo?

Loveholics adjust the photos, and yours may have any of the following, so the deviation:

Group photos (shots with someone)
Photos that are not yours (photos of your girlfriend/boyfriend or any other opposite sex if you register as single). Only you should be in the photo.

Photos containing personal information (including web links, chat numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

Photos with weapons of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs.

Photographs containing illegal/inappropriate material (e.g., abusive gestures, violence, or death).

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