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Ladyboys are a legend of the Philippines, a paradise land on Earth. This country has remarkable nightlife and a large number of transgender people that look incredibly beautiful. Sexual self-identification is not judged in the Philippines, so well-known in the world ladyboys are free to modify their appearance and behave the way they want.


Philippine Ladyboys. What Are They Like

Thousands of men from different countries come to the Philippines every year to experience relations with Philippine ladyboys. The reason is not only the exotic but also the charm and beauty of so-called ‘katoeys’. One of the factors that help men distinguish ladyboys in the crowd is their classy appearance. Yes, they are way prettier than ordinary girls and can easily compete with top-models.

Transgender ladies care and invest in their body, face, and style more than it is common among women, which causes a big “beauty gap”. Their appeal provokes naughty thoughts and seduces a lot of men regardless of age, social status, and values.

Unfortunately, ladyboys are often taken for homosexual people, but in fact, the difference is huge. Homosexual guys identify themselves as men and, as a rule, do not modify their bodies, while ladyboys are women born in a male body. Many of them resort to sex reassignment surgery. As well, most of them prefer having relationships with heterosexual and bisexual men.

Typical features of Philippine ladyboy:

  • Physical attractiveness;
  • Sensitivity;
  • Willingness to experiment;
  • Submissiveness;
  • Adventurousness;
  • Open-mindedness.

Best Place to Meet Philippine Ladyboys

The truth is, despite many options where to find a pretty trans lady in the Philippines, dating sites are the best place for this purpose. It has been common for many years to register at an international dating platform and find a cute Asian girl in a few minutes. Yet, something that exotic as ladyboys was a rare thing at romantic networks. Since it’s almost impossible to distinguish a katoey from a good-looking girl, a guest of an ordinary dating service has a little chance to get lucky enough to meet a transsexual lady from the very beginning. However, now this lack of online dating is being gradually eliminated with the creation of separate platforms for ladyboys and people who are interested. The goal of sites is to provide equal rights and good service to people regardless of their sex or sexual preferences.

Why is a dating site the best place to meet a happy transgender lady? The first and obvious reason is comfort. How do you like hanging out in the street and ask pretty girls if they are transgender? Online platforms are open for everybody who shares the same goal and provides all means to reach it.

When it comes to choosing a transgender lady in public places, a man does not have a big choice. However, dating sites are a completely different story. Huge catalogs with hundreds or even thousands of profiles for you to find the best ladyboy. Besides, you can also select a person basing on is your purpose – dating or just a one-night stand.

Dating sites provide you with an opportunity to have a transgender girlfriend before you even came to the Philippines. No need to check malls, bars, or streets in search of “a special one”. In addition, it may not cost any money; if your future partner is not seeking personal gain but only a good time, you won’t have to shell out for a date with a hot transsexual lady.

The advantages of ladyboy dating sites:

  • Many profiles to choose from;
  • Interests-based selection;
  • Fast search with good results;
  • Minimal risk of disappointment;
  • Considerable money-saving;


What Site to Choose for Ladyboy Dating

Many specialized dating sites have relations types, which is important to consider when you look for a transgender partner. The most common are three types – sites for casual relationships, serious dating, or escorts.

There is a stereotype that dating sites to meet ladyboys from the Philippines are used to find a katoey for a one-night stand in hotels. However, such a trend has slowly being changed. The world accepts transgender ladies’ choice, and a lot of guys consider an opportunity to have serious relationships with a ladyboy seriously. This tendency has been reflected in the best ladyboy sites. More of them promote real romance between men and transsexual women. Escorts sites are more similar to agencies that offer services of beautiful ladyboys for various events, where the customers will receive a price list for an order.

Sites to Meet a Ladyboy in the Philippines


This website has gained popularity due to being a trustworthy service for people who look for a ladyboy date. The site promotes serious relationships, and this distinguishes it from the others. It has been created by a real couple of a man and a transgender lady, who want to popularize romantic dating between men and ladyboys.

This platform is good for men who look not just for an attractive person but also an interesting interlocutor. If you want to have one partner during your trip and spend a lot of time with your trans lady, MyLadyboyDate is the best service for you.


This platform is open for users worldwide, yet, almost all trans members are from the Philippines. The dating site helps transgender women find a partner for casual or serious relationships. iDateLadyboy aims to break stereotypes about dating transsexual people and provides quality and decent service for the Philippines ladyboys date and virtual communication.

The platform has been created not long ago, but the trustworthy and free services for trans ladies have attracted many Philippine ladyboys with different values and interests.


PinaLave is the most popular Philippine dating site for international relationships. It is not focused on services for transgender people, yet there is a huge amount of ladyboys’ profiles. PinaLove is friendly and liberal to its’ members, that’s why you can find their many transsexual women that look for love as well as for one-night stand.

However, you cannot know for sure that the pretty lady you chose is transsexual unless she informs you about that. Yet, a lot of guys that are into ladyboys manage to distinguish them by appearance. If you are such a pro, PinaLove is the best ladyboy dating site for you.

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