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This is written in Fetlife’s description. Fet Life is developed as a social network for people who love bondage, have fetishes that others might not understand. We have gathered tons of information about Fet life to prove that the site is worth your time.

In A Nutshell

Founded 12 years ago in 2012 by John Kopanas, Fetlife is known as a friendly environment for all BDSM, fetishism, and kink lovers. The website distinguished itself from the range of other adult sites. The thing is, the site started its path as a social media rather than a dating site. Fet Life welcomes users who are not ashamed of their love for unusual sex stuff and is looking for someone who supports their passions. In this Fetlife review, we have enlightened all the positive aspects of the site to prove that it’s worth registering.

Pros And Cons


  • Fetlife is a super supportive community
  • 90% of the site’s content is accessible free of charge
  • A vast amount of users are of different ages, sexual preferences, and nationalities
  • They use high-standard security measures
  • Affordable prices
  • Dozens of positive Fetlife.com reviews


  • A bit old-fashioned design
  • You can’t get live chat support on Fetlife

Fetlife.com At A Glance

  • Best for: all genders who are into weird sexual stuff are not ashamed of their preferences.
  • Recommended age: 18-55
  • Top features: public blogs with explicit adult content, role-play chat rooms.

main page Fetlife

What Is Fetlife?

Fetlife is a relatively young website for people who only explore their sexuality or already discovered their love for unusual sex stuff. Here, they log in to find a hookup sex partner who shares the same preferences. On Fetlife, you can enjoy plenty of hot content. As we said, Fetlife is a supportive community. Women upload intimate videos and photos of their naked bodies on the stocks and get tons of compliments. You can dedicate an entire post to your sexual desires and receive a massive response from other users. FetLife is free of prejudices and discrimination. The website is evolving because more and more people are joining Fet Life to find those who share their fetishes.

How Does Fetlife Work?

Fetlife is an adult website that first attracts with a minimalistic design. It is performed in gray, red, and black colors. The site has a convenient interface. You can easily and intuitively navigate through Fetlife.

Every user has the right to create and enter the discussion group for various topics related to sex. In January 2017, FetLife temporarily shut down the ability to create new groups. They also deleted hundreds of already existing groups that contained anything with the words blood, needles, rape, and incest.

Nowadays, they still allow users to talk explicitly about their fetishes and look for sex partners. To start using the site, the main step is to get registered. Then, you will easily get into the flow of things. Fetlife operates on a free basis allowing users to communicate, browse profiles, write, and read blog discussions. The convenience of the website was also proven by multiple Fetlife reviews from real users.

Sign Up And Registration.

The Fetlife log in is very straightforward. When registering, you need to tell them a bit about your personality. They only demand your nickname, gender, date of birth, sexual orientation, role (submissive, stripper, mistress, dominant, and others), location, email address, and password. You can’t watch other users’ profiles unless you have one. Next is an SMS confirmation step. You need to provide them with your phone number to confirm you’re a real person. This stage helps to eliminate bot activity on the site. Pay attention that only adults are allowed to use the website. If they find out that you’re a minor, they’ll remove your account immediately.

Fetlife create account

Search & Profile Quality

This review of Fetlife would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the search and profile quality options implemented on the site.

Fetlife contains plenty of thematic groups like “Ask a Submissive”, “Ask a Stripper”, and so on. Groups can be searched for by keywords in the group title.

What about members’ profiles, where they can indicate being friends with other members, being in relationships, and mention their role. Users of Fetlife can exchange messages with other users, post writing, photos, videos, and also comment on other members’ posts.

The search feature is limited by the site’s developer deliberately. It was made to prevent members from finding users with specific characteristics (age, location, or gender). Writings and posts are available only at the authors’ accounts. In 2024, the feature of search by tags was added to the site’s functionality.

Safety / Legal / Scam

In terms of safety, Fetlife is worth trusting. They don’t use cookies, so you don’t get ads depending on what you browse on the site. On the Privacy Policy page, they clearly state that they don’t share any users’ information with third parties unless requested with the court order. Any time your data goes between you and them, it is reliably encrypted with HTTPS. Fetlife was also one of the first websites to make HTTPS mandatory. Their database backups are encrypted using GPG.

Even though they implement high rate security measures, Fetlife also asks their users to mind their safety and not to reveal their password to any person.

Help & Support

To get in touch with Fetlife’s customer support team, you can email them to General Support, and Enquiries address [email protected]. Please, consult their FAQ section before texting directly to the site’s customer service team. Besides, we found their FAQ page extremely informative. It is divided into 16 sections concerning groups, profiles, videos, tech support, and etc., and in 95% of cases, will you be able to find an answer to a question that is disturbing you.

Prices & Plans

Fetlife is only a supportive but also an affordable community. By being not a dating site but a social network, they make your stay on the site absolutely free. Free Membership plans cost nothing. If you want, you can purchase a premium subscription. It gives you access to all kinds of visual adult content on Fetlife. We’d describe paid membership as a contribution to support Fet life developers and the website’s community. Prices on Fetlife.com are more than pleasant. 6-Month Membership costs $30.00, 12-Month Membership:$60.00, 2-Year Membership $120.00. Also, there is an opportunity to purchase a Lifetime Premium Membership for $240.


For eight years in business, Fetlife is known to a wide audience of individuals who enjoy unusual sex stuff. This social network makes its services affordable for everyone. On Fetlife, the majority of essential features are available absolutely for free. In our Fetlife.com review, we explicitly discussed all the issues that users may want to know before they sign up. Hopefully, we managed to answer the main question. So is Fetlife good? It’s definitely more than good. Get registered and see that we are right.

Fetlife girl profiles


Is Fetlife.com Legit?

Yes, Fetlife is a legitimate community. The truth about Fetlife is that they have two Headquarters in Cyprus and Canada. Besides, the availability of a customer support team, a serious approach to security, and positive Fetlife dating site reviews give us no reason to doubt the site’s legitimacy.

Why Do They Ask My Personal Data?

Upon registration, the site asks your email address, mobile number, and date of birth. First, your email address is needed so they can send you updates and other essential information. Next, on Fetlife, they ask for a potential new member's mobile number so that they can verify your identity via a one-time text message, which has resulted in improving the overall health of the community. They ask your date of birth to make sure you are of legal age.

What Restrictions Are There On Fetlife?

On Fetlife, they welcome adults to use the site. Upon registering, you must confirm to be at least 18 years old.

How To Delete My Fetlife Account?

In case you decide to cease being a member of Fetlife’s community, you can delete your account. This can be done by going to the link and login to your account. Immediately you will be taken to the “DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT” page. They will ask you to select your reason for deactivating your account. Enter your password, and click on the DELETE ACCOUNT button to permanently delete your account.

Is FetLife Safe?

Yes, Fet life is a safe community. Unlike other popular porn sites, they don’t share your data with third parties and use a reliable HTTPS to secure the data you submit on the data. What is more, their data storing platform is encrypted using GNU Privacy Guard (or GPG). Fetlife is responsible for your safety, and so should be you.

Can I Find Relationships On FetLife.com?

It depends on what kind of relationships you’re looking for. On Fetlife, people are looking for hookups, one-night stands, or regular meetings with those who have the same sexual fantasies. This is among the best of its kind.

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