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6 Popular Crossdresser Hookup Sites

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The passion for dressing in the opposite sex wear has become another fetish and sexual subculture. Crossdressing is not a disease or a deviation, as conservatives often call it. If you are a man and at one point realize that the stockings on your feet excite you more than when you look at your girlfriend dressed in them, it does not mean that you have become homosexual. Most likely, you have a new fetish. 

If you start to delve into the culture of dressing, then you will understand how many followers it has received. On the web, you will find hundreds of crossdresser hookups and platforms that bring together members of this subculture.

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Sites for Crossdresser Dating

Have you been able to find open crossdressers in real life? Few are ready to reveal their secret fantasies to society. But you often want to share your experience or ideas with someone or ask for advice. For anyone who feels the need to find the perfect partner, there is a crossdresser dating platform where fans of this extraordinary current could feel free.

New crossdresser hookup sites work as narrowly specialized platforms for dating. They are open to new users, so anyone can join the crossdresser hookups community and find their soulmate.

For most people, such platforms are a place to express themselves and discover their sexual potential. Crossdressing followers are becoming part of a vast crossdresser hookups community by joining the online community of this subculture.

There are many crossdresser hookup sites out there now, but only a few are worth your attention. They offer their members extensive opportunities for quality dating and communication. Men and women who like to dress in the opposite sex can make contact with like-minded people in their area or find a partner abroad. It all depends on the purpose and expectations of the participants.

You can also use a crossdresser hookup app that provides the same services as websites. The difference is that you can keep in touch with your crossdresser friends with the app on your smartphone. It works just like social networks. Only people who share your hobby will be on your contacts list. All you need is a smartphone and Internet access.

The Top 6 Best Sites and Apps for Crossdresser Hookups

Among the online services that help single people with similar interests find each other are many such platforms that are overflowing with scams and bots. To protect yourself from dishonest websites, you should read this material to the end to familiarize yourself with the best crossdresser hookup sites that provide quality services and tools for building a successful crossdresser couple.


AFF is an excellent website for crossdresser hookups. It is a mix of social networking sites, dating sites, and porn platforms, where participants cannot only meet like-minded people but also use website content to meet their own needs.

Special features:

  • Real-time video broadcasts;
  • Candid photo and video content;
  • Tools for creating group chats;
  • Advanced search;
  • Photo contests.

After a few steps to sign up, new users will have access to complete their profiles and get to know other members of the community. AFF account holders can communicate with each other via text message. There are representatives of different sexual trends and orientations, so you need to indicate on your profile what fetishes are of interest to you.

When joining AFF for crossdresser hookups, you need to know that this service is not entirely free. Buying a subscription will give you access to all the features of the website. AFF also encourages users to be active. Thus, those who are keen on the platform can earn additional points and open new tools for using the service.


This site is dedicated to crossdresser hookup sex, so if you are looking for a causal connection, then you should get acquainted with Crossdresser more closely. The service lets you connect with people you like, not only via text messaging but also via voice or video. It dramatically improves communication and makes it easier to establish contact with your interlocutor.

Special features:

  • Send voice and video messages;
  • Access to capabilities of adjacent platforms;
  • Participation in group chats and discussions;
  • Creating live broadcasts.

On this site, crossdresser hookups have a matching algorithm. By filling out your profile in detail and answering the questions that the site offers you, you will be able to get the optimal match with other members based on your shared interests.

If you use a free subscription to the services of this website, you will realize that your options are too limited to appreciate all the tools provided by Crossdresser. Like on the most similar platforms, you will not be able to view full profile information of other users, read and send messages, or join group chats until you become a Gold Member.

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If someone was dreaming of Tinder, which would only focus on crossdresser hookup sex, then it came to pass. With the new Crossdressing Singles app, users can easily and quickly find new contacts among fans of their psychosexual culture.

Special features:

  • Geolocation search;
  • Unlimited chat features;
  • Tools for flirting and engaging participants;
  • Private chat rooms.

Getting acquainted with this crossdresser hookup app is such that you can flip through photos of other users within your location. If your sympathy is mutual, then you can start communicating with instant messages.

There is also a VIP subscription to improve the experience of using the Crossdressing Singles application. It includes tools to block ads, increase the popularity of your page, and let you see who you liked. 


FriendFinder-X is a virtual service for LGBT representatives around the world to make contact with each other. It is best suited to those who do not want to meet in real life but are willing to go online. Among crossdresser dating fans, this platform is one of the most popular.

Special features:

  • Group chats;
  • Exchange of partners;
  • Virtual sex;
  • Live performances.

Holders of a paid subscription have the opportunity to join the Sex Academy and view courses to unlock their reproductive potential. The site provides one of the largest selection of entertainment tools, so by joining this community, you run the risk of falling out of reality for a long time.

FriendFinder-X can replace social networking sites, porn sites, and forums, as it has everything you need for a comfortable being in a community of crossdressing supporters.


Free crossdresser hookup sites that let participants find each other by zip code and keywords. It is not equipped with a modern design interface so that it can deter new users at the dating stage. But it’s worth giving Craigslist a second chance since there are great opportunities behind a poor interface. 

Special features:

  • Search for partners by location and relevance of the questionnaire;
  • Post your ads;
  • Detailed search filters.

It works as an extensive database or service for ordering crossdresser hookups. Here you can find a partner by different criteria for free.


The international crossdresser hookup sex platform allows its members to find partners for virtual games based on their sexual preferences.

Special features:

  • Advanced search for interest filters;
  • Sexual and psychological test;
  • Hotlist that allows you to save 500 contacts;
  • Filters for visible content.

On this site, users have complete freedom of action: from private communication with participants to public appearances on camera and group discussions of useful topics. By joining this community, you will have access to extensive virtual crossdressing tools and will be able to connect with the brightest members of this movement. You may even be able to become one of them if you have a lot of activity on this platform.

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