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Is it possible to have fun with no responsibility and no obligations? People were used to stigmatizing casual sex, which made it difficult to find a one-night stand partner. Yet, those guys who managed to get open relationships were considered lucky. Now people have realized all the advantages of casual encounters, and one-night stand became a common thing.

What Is Casual Encounter?

A casual encounter is considered casual sex, however, it has a bit broader meaning. If two people have free time and want to spend it nicely hanging out each with other, they possibly will have a casual encounter, regardless of “bad” outcome. The necessary thing to make the meeting casual is that they don’t and won’t have any relationships. No obligations and responsibilities bring a special charm to such a pastime. You enjoy the moment and don’t worry about the future, because you probably won’t ever meet the person next to you.

Eventually, casual encounters have begun to mean one-night stand, but haven’t lost its’ appeal. It has become popular due to Craigslist, a social network that helped people post advertisements, ask for help, and find lovers for one night. Now the network is not active, but everybody can easily find a casual encounter alternative.


Pros and Cons of a One-Night Stand


It Relaxes

Casual sex is a perfect tool to relax and concentrate on yourself. Many people consider it as a necessary part of breaking long-lasting burdensome relationships. It helps to experience new emotions and learn yourself better, but it does not create an emotional connection that may be painful to break. A casual encounter is also popular among people that just look for a way to relax before getting back to their everyday routine.

Good Alternative for a Permanent Partner

Sometimes it happens that we do not or cannot have a serious relationship for various reasons. It may be a lack of time or no desire to invest in a romance for some time, and also we can just fail to find someone decent. Sex with no obligations helps us to “keep fit”, satisfy our needs, and not to become pessimistic after all.

Indulge Your Whims

There are too many restrictions around. You cannot spend too much money, smoke, drink, or punch a jerk in his face. We do not notice how much willpower we need just not to harm ourselves. Yet, casual encounters are not harmful to you (if planned properly) but satisfy your basic needs. You actually are allowed to hook up with someone you like, and as a result, you may find yourself more patient and confident.

It Gives You Experience

There’s nothing more attractive than a person who is good in bed. The more people you have contact with, the better you know how to satisfy your partner. Besides, you also gain experience in flirting, dirty talk, seduction, etc. In the end, you may learn that your idea about a fatal heart breaker was wrong or that you are a great lover.



For some people (especially those who easily become addicted) it’s hard to stop or slow down. After a long period of different partners for one night, you may find out that you cannot start serious relationships. Same as every addiction, it can cause depression or feelings of emptiness.


As a rule, appearance is deceptive. You may find a nice partner at one of the popular casual encounter sites, but later it may appear that he or she is obsessed with some crazy stuff. You cannot trust a person you know a few hours. Taking that you will have to get to close contact, such a deal is really risky.

You Can Fall for a Partner

You may find out that another Tinder member you hooked up with is incredible in bed, has an outstanding sense of humor, and in addition to that, looks hot like a devil. As a result, you cannot stop thinking about how to meet again.

Emotional Discomfort

Sometimes it may feel like you do a wrong thing having sex with random people. Even if you completely justify it, your conscience has a different opinion and you constantly feel bed. It can be worse if your partner gets addicted to you and wants more than just a one-night stand. In the end, you have no option but to break his or her heart, which does not feel good for anyone.


Where to Find a Partner for a One-Night Stand

Long ago, it was common to hit on a hot chick at a bar, and if you flirt with her good enough, she will go home with you. Now it is rather an outdated way to find a partner for random sex. You can try nightclubs, but a chance to find a casual partner is rather low. Good thing, there are plenty of dating websites to meet singles who look for the same as you do.

Advantages of online services for casual sex:

  • Many options to choose from;
  • Considerable saving of time;
  • Convenient search;
  • Low chance of failure.

Online platforms help people to save time and choose a date that would meet all the requirements. Besides, some of the best casual sex sites are developed in a way that helps you save some kind of anonymity. Unlike regular romantic networks, hook up sites do not gather all your single neighbors and colleagues, which makes it unlikely to meet someone you know.

Nowadays everybody who looks for one-night engagement goes to casual dating sites, which allows choosing from thousands of people. It’s way better than to choose the hottest girl among those three at the bar in a local nightclub.

Online dating saves a bunch of time. Thanks to it, the users can find the right partner in a matter of minutes. Regarding casual encounters, it’s faster than with regular romantic online dating. You don’t have to maintain long communication to learn whether you have something in common with a person that you have chosen.

Some casual sex sites’ search is developed on the basis of quick dates’ principle. You view users’ pictures and choose the ones that you like; those members will also see your photo. If your liking matches, you’ll be able to see each other’s profiles, communicate, and schedule dates.

And the best thing about dating sites is that all the members are there with the same purpose. You won’t be judged and nobody will expect from you more than you want to give.

The Best Casual Sex Sites


This dating site’s ultimate goal is to help people get laid. Someone who looks for a serious relationship would look rather ridiculous here. The members post naughty pictures and use only nicknames. Though the main function of AdultFriendFinder is to make couples for a one-night stand, it also allows users to have some fun online. For example, it supports webcam communication and allows posting naughty videos.


BeNaughty needs no introduction, and its name shows what this platform has to offer. This service has solved a common problem of casual sex websites – prevailing number of male profiles. BeNaughty has allowed girls to send messages for free, and in this way, the total quantity of ladies’ profiles became prevalent. Unlike AdultFriendFinder, the site does not focus solely on hookup relations. The members communicate on various topics within the network and set up regular dates.


Pure is a mobile app that enables casual relations saving anonymity of the users. The app is presented with the words “private life stays private”. It creates couples based on physical attraction, so the only personal thing that will be visible for other users is a picture. The chats are automatically deleted from the platform. The main idea of Pure app is searching for an adventure that is not burdened with responsibilities and obligations. The network is the most popular in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, London, and Boston.


Platforms for Local Casual Encounters

For casual encounters, location is a priority because you probably won’t go from Arizona to Wisconsin just to hook up with a pretty girl. That’s why some websites first show you the members who are the closest to you. Of course, you need to permit such platforms to track your location.


Tinder has been the most popular site for local casual encounters, and it has started the swiping way of choice. A user sees the pictures of potential partners and has to swipe them to the right to make a match or to the left to reject. The site is also famous because it provides all the services that allow dating for free. Honestly speaking, no wonder if Tinder itself made casual encounters, not a taboo phenomenon. However, since the dating site makes matches based on the location of the members, the choice for the residents of little towns in rather limited.


Zoosk is a famous dating site that functions in more than 80 counties and supports more than 25 languages. It is a great platform if you want to find matches that are close to you. You need to indicate your real location during registration, and the service will randomly choose profiles basing on area information. In the account of your potential partners, it will be indicated the distance between you and the person. Yet, Zoosk is not created exclusively for casual dating. People who look for long-term relationships also actively use it. Thus, it may cause some troubles while searching for a person for a one-night stand.

The Main Points to Make Your Online Casual Encounter Experience Successful

Don’t Limit Yourself in the Search

There are plenty of casual sex sites nowadays, so you don’t have to limit your choice with only one. If you don’t feel like you are fully satisfied with the platform, there are probably the others that meet your requirements better. Read reviews and try using the sites yourself, and you will definitely find your perfect casual encounter site.

Choose a Nice Profile Picture

When you found a “right place” for casual dating, make sure you look attractive on the other side of the screen. Unfortunately, most men idea about their attractiveness is different from women’s idea. Rule number one, no pictures with sunglasses. Maybe you look stylish and dangerous, but ladies see a creep with a bunch of secrets. At least your profile picture has to be more “approachable”. Also, don’t use pictures where you are in the company of other people. Remember that your profile photo creates the first impression about you, so make sure the picture is quality.

Be Honest

Be clear about your interests from the very beginning. Avoid ambiguous information, omissions, and especially lie. Many sites do not limit the users with only casual encounters, so women may also consider the option of regular dating. If you won’t be precise, there is a high chance to get one of those “cons” points mentioned in this article.

Follow the Rules

If you found a partner for a casual encounter, you should not expect something that is not included in the “casual sex” notion. Don’t share personal information and don’t complain about your past relationships. Also, avoid asking personal questions. In one-night stand relationships, this kind of conversation will make things weird. Remember he or she is not your friend, so don’t offer any services, don’t take photos, and don’t try to maintain connection after the “adventure”. If you’d like to meet the person more or have open relationships, it has to be discussed and agreed upon.

Don’t Judge

You may learn a lot of different information about your random date, and you may not like some of that. The secret of a successful one-night stand is not to try to understand your partner. You shouldn’t be bothered by the story of your random friend. If you enjoyed time together, the encounter can be considered successful. The appearance, style, relationship status, and interests shouldn’t be an object of your analysis or judgment.

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